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Related article: Date: Fri, 25 November 2005 21 24th 24 0000 From: Andrew Gardner u003cbigg89 hotmail. co. UK u003e Subject: be here 3 This story is written as a personal experience... But not me! However, the names of those involved had been changed to maintain the identity those who know this secret. Furthermore, although the story is set Edinburgh, Scotland, invented most of the places mentioned freely. because I have lived in Scotland all my life, and it is likely that American readers, s some things that should be the pants, or what you say. All rights in this story belongs to me so no copying or publication without my approval of As a side note : I love you " Doc" Ryan and thank you for the first two people, e-mail to me. Thank you ! I guess because many of them have more of an email that it is a success. But feel free to email me please! I really want to know what you ! My email : bigg89 hotmail. co. UK. Thank you. Earlier in BE !... Ok, it was a crucial turning point in the game. If what I have now, I would see not only how their underwear or less, but exactly where he wanted to him. If I were not, I would be naked to get into my own house, and I where he wanted. Not exactly could you ask for a rematch he? I would have to accept defeat. " Ready ? " David asked him stepped back. " Sure," I said with false confidence, "Deal. " Chapter 3 My best friend, David, shuffles the cards, while sitting in bed shirtless. A though he seemed arrogant and insolent, as he always did, I could feel a mask of I had to say goodbye, anxiety and nervousness, he avoided that felt, and I shot the Child Model Bbs voltage the room are, as expected David to deal the cards. The silence was deafening. I turned on my cards. Damn it ! A queen, a king, a nine- four, and an n six. Absolutely terrible! I looked at David's face, and saw him looking at me, the temptation to understand, if the hand was good or not. " Why are you staring at me ? " I asked, frowning. " Whand you like me? " He said. Repeat the question for me " I saw you first. " ", I asked him to second. " We laughed for the first time in a few minutes. Trevor By God ! Enjoy ! I must begin to laugh and smile, do not panic and tried to be changed my and three Child Model Bbs worst cards. I was... had better trust my best to win - or " Show me what you have, " David asked me to prepare for it Oh, I would not. I love... n I passed my letters... a straight line. Woo! looked a little confused David asked. I see him again in his underwear ! I that was too over the top, and reassured. David looked miserable as he moved slowly along the n maps. " Damn," he said, "that is certainly a very good hand friend. I mean, I 'm just a spade a spade, a spade, a shovel and... paddles ! Ha! Loser ! Rinse ! " Damn Well, I was not yet. " Well, I think these things have to go, "said I quickly cut the pants. Saw David take a quick look, but stared at the wall when he saw that I had not realized. I decided to bring anything, and let stand... no, no, my cock, pervert. Fortunately, the next hand is definitely went my way. David I " pair of sevens. ":. " Three of a kind" David : " Shit, " I: "Away with them! " f So I got to see David on his trunks only. Well, always a great place. He was the one who stuck to his body, causing me to be able to see a piece in them, which took its tail should be. I hope you would. I saw the room was not very cold at once. I put the heater over again, but had no effect. However, I wanted to see how I was naked, so no to stop playing, even though it was shaking. Unfortunately, said David. "Friend," he said, "is really cold here. " " Yes, " I said, trying to sound macho, "which is a little bit. Let's move on. " " No, man, trembling," he said, and felt my arm. Ons there! " I think it's better if we do on a call. " Now, you have nowant, but David had not slept more than one time, so do not remember exactly talking in bed. I was also very cool " Yes, definitely," he said, "Do you want to clean the bathroom teeth " " No, man, you go first. " out the door, because as quiet as possible so as not to wake you, the Child Model Bbs rest of the house. After going to Child Model Bbs the bathroom and brush your teeth, that went out. Unfortunately, I noticed a very nice feeling. someone rub it between your legs! "Hi sexy," she laughed, a female voice. " Jenny, I'm Trevor, David. " hand quickly to the left of my private area. Child Model Bbs "Ehh ! " She said, running on Child Model Bbs the bathroom to wash their hands. I laughed when I return to my space n. My younger sister always did stupid things... Well, you never forget When I returned to my room and was dressed David in another pair of boxer shorts to bed. He moved past me to go to the bathroom. " No," he advised, " My sister is in the clutter. " " Really? " David said, lookingEngineer concerned. He always liked when the girls flirting, but if she has not done anything more than that, I was worried. n to Finally, unfortunately for me, going out with Angela, "Did you hang my boobs s ? " Wilson, for unknown reasons. I guess sometimes people do is the most stupid things. " I guess not brush my teeth, if you will, or SIS, I 'm sorry something," he said, shuddering at the thought. " Let's go to bed. " I told him. I pulled my shorts, because I was Use two pairs that day, and got into my warm bed. David was sitting in my Baby Crib who was second on the other side of my bedroom. We have comfortable, and just as I was falling asleep, said David just came out of nowhere, " Trevor? " He asked me. "Yes? " " Do you have any fabric that can be cleaned with ?" I asked tentatively, " I got a bit of confusion on the bed. " \\ \\ N rather large, it was on that night would have resulted in two things. First, it was Go to a wet dream or a raging orgasm when I wasawake. Second, the night would be full of sexual innuendo. Oh, that's the life of a teenager. NOTE Andrew: Thanks again to those who have written messages. I would only all Americans read a bit of an update on life in Scotland. Well, there are n snowed for the first time since January now, so that each n is high in some ! Ok, update goodbye! On a Saturday, Sunday or Monday n is a contribution, or more if I get bored of being.
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